Food Testing In Hyderabad

Food constitutes a fundamental part of our daily life. It is, therefore, extremely important for everyone – from individuals to offices – to consistently monitor & test their food quality.

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Whether your food product is agricultural or is a processed food, Food testing in Hyderabad is necessary. The testing can be done on raw materials, the product during its processing and production, as well as the finished products. Food testing ensures health of individuals as well as that of customers, hence building a trustworthy brand. These are a few types of Food Testing & Analysis:

Food Testing in Hyderabad

Food testing and analysis is required as it helps in identifying if the food is rich in nutrition & also helps to check the adulteration or contamination of food. After testing, Food Analysis in Hyderabad can be done to improve food safety & quality.

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Nutrition Labeling in Hyderabad

Food labeling in Hyderabad food products is needed for most packaged foods. If you plan to sell your product in a retail market, then you are likely to require compliance with FSSAI’s labeling regulations.

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Sensory Evaluation in Hyderabad

Sensory Evaluation improves acceptability of your food product among your targeted customers, thus making it necessary. Your Food Product will be tested for factors such as taste, smell, look, after-effects, feel. As per that, you can improve your product.

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Shelf Life Testing in Hyderabad

A lot of food products being sold in retail will need laboratory testing processes such as Shelf Life Testing for determining an expiry date. Depending on the food product type, the shelf life can be determined. And you may decide if to improve it further, depending on the analysis results.

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Food Testing is the most important step towards ensuring complete Food Safety. For a Food Business in Hyderabad, maintaining food safety will help you improve other factors of your food business, too. High standards of testing are maintained at our Food testing laboratories to ensure accurate results and analysis. Do Testing & Analysis to make you food product healthier.


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